We would like to introduce ID identification Real Social project

Its main role is equality of media and finance and production and spread multimedial presentational, educational and and others kinds of forms for hindicapped people.

As example of the project are deaf people or people with impaired hearing. Those people can’t listen to us; therefore it is much difficult to approach them.

The target of the project is:
In order for groups of people who are excluded or otherwise unfairly overlooked by the majority society to be integrated into modern business models and systems.

Equal awareness by all means available to all people around the world. No differences in skin color, religion, nationality, language, age or health or condition

With this joint project and work on it, we can make the world a better place

The first presentation of project options is already in preparation, follow us and join us at: ID identification club where we are preparing a portal that is really for everyone!

The information will be gradually updated

A new company concept. Upgrading your business
The greatest oportunity to enhance yourself on the network marketing.
An amazing way to be useful to humanity.
Become a partner/business associate.
An ID – Identificator of oportuinities and reveal your true potential.

ID Social Gold Coin

ID Time is Money

ID Eco Social Coin

ID Agro Social Coin


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